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Classic Wood Floor Designs Inc.  Reviews
Jean Hibino Nov. 2008

Replaced heinous laminate flooring in living room and hallway with REAL hardwood floor (white oak). They removed the laminate, put down a sub floor, installed wood floor, sanded, finished, re-trimmed the doors, fit the thresholds, cut, and painted and installed new trim.
AWESOME! Needed to move in so they did all the work in 10 days. 10 days! Great job! Floor looks fabulous. Wish I had enough money to do the bedrooms since they are all covered in that atrocious laminate too. Was told I could have one room at a time done in the future. Chad and crew were total professionals, friendly, careful, detail-oriented, trustworthy (I work, gave them the key to the house, they were protecting their equipment too), obviously took great care and pride in their work, and above all were THOROUGH AND FAST. Will use them again.

Tracey Kelly August 2009

In the first phase of the job Classic Wood Floor Designs examined the job sight (the carpeted converted garage office), looked over the wood flooring in the rest of the house and assured me that they could achieve a good match (though the wood slats would have to be slightly wider than in the rest of the house - because the size used in 1952 wasn't much in use these days). We agreed to start the job on a Monday, but Chad asked if it could begin earlier. The carpet went out on Friday, giving me the weekend to paint before the flooring went in (which was so great!). CWFD disposed of the carpet and gave the cement a good cleaning. On Monday Chad and Julie showed up right on time put in the sub floor and started laying the flooring. Tuesday the rest of the floor went in. Wednesday his sanding and staining team showed up (again right on time). Thursday Chad prepared the trim off-sight. Friday the trim (baseboards) went in and the job was complete.  
The finished product is beautiful!!! It's a very, very good match with the flooring in the rest of my house (I think CWFD is more attractive). The work was done in a timely manner by talented professionals. I was given detailed instructions on how to care for my new floor. I would use this company again. I would recommend this company to my friends looking to have floors refinished or new flooring put into their homes.